Garry Cotton
Garry Cotton
2D Concept Art and Design

Garry Cotton

2D Concept Art and Design

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About Me

Name: Garry Cotton
Age: 23

Since being a kid I've had quite a keen interest in drawing - I can specifically remember drawing a Tea Clipper ship when I was 7 and spending about 5 hours on it.

However, upon entering secondary school my interest began to die off slightly - being subjected to the step-up of grammar school education - and I ended up opting out of my Art classes. Ironically then, it was about one year after opting out of those very Art classes that I began to take an interest in drawing again. It eventually inflated and spread out, becoming entwined with my interests in video games and movies, hence the interest in concept art and design.


I specialize in 2D work, both traditional and digital, and have produced an array of concepts from character and vehicle design to environmental illustrations as well as architectural designs.

I have also produced several pieces of work that fully render my concepts in a promotional fashion.


Completed Qualifications:

- Eleven GCSEs; includes Mathematics, English Language, English Literature and Science (Double).

- Three A-Levels; English Language, Mathematics and Physics.

- One AS-Level; General Studies.

Pending Qualifications:

BSc in Mathematics with the Open University.
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